Jump into the world! That's our dream and we are striving to make it come trueJump into the world! That's our dream and we are striving to make it come true
We at Nassau, the same name of the capital of The Bahamas, have the vision to help people achieve peaceful and healthy lives through doing sports activities.
To achieve our vision, we made mission statements below and are currently trying to increase sports popularity by working closely together with domestic and overseas sports federations and clubs.
- Becoming a company with high ethical standards
- Growing together with our employees
- Setting and fulfilling company's core values
- Conducting profitable business and taking full social responsibility at the same time

We have been making continuous efforts to develop new technologies and renovations to provide the best quality products to our customers and thanks to all these efforts, we could manage to get appointed as an official match ball supplier for several international tournaments: 86 Asian Games for tennis, soccer, handball and volleyball, 88 Olympics Games for tennis and 2 Grand Slam tournaments for tennis and Korean Football Federation(KFA) for soccer.
"Future of Nassau"
All enthusiastic about sports and working together as one team, we will explore new business areas with continuous product and technology innovations. The new business will be to develop sporting goods combining sports, entertainment, Internet of Things (IoT), medical care and health

We started as Korea's home grown brand but won't stop making continuous efforts to become a "Global Brand" loved by everyone in the world.

Thank you

Ju, Eun Hyung
President and CEO of Nassau Co., Ltd